How to Make Money from Free Bets by Matched Betting

How to Make Money from Free Bets by Matched Betting

Here’s a way I’ve been using to make easy and free money in the last few weeks.

Although I have known and read about the method and its basics for years, I never actually applied this knowledge to my life until very recently.

This is Matched Betting, which is a method of cashing in on free bets from bookmakers. These methods have helped me generate money for free for several months and I regularly blog about my experiences on my website.

This year, I have made around a hundred pounds. It is an incredible opportunity and I am not done yet.

To guarantee a cash return, I simply open new accounts with bookmakers, place the free wagers I receive for opening them, and then put the same bets on a betting platform for a portion of the free amount.

It isn’t gambling, and almost without risk. It is almost risk-free, as most people would claim. However, if you do it wrong, you can lose your money.

Let me clarify. If you place your bets incorrectly, you can lose money. It is important to fully understand your bets. You should read the terms and conditions in order to know the maximum stake amounts. Also, make sure to understand the principles of placing a team bet (this is not the same as betting on a winning team, it is a bet on the team losing) on a betting exchange.

You can open a bookmaker account and get a free bet. Let’s take the example of a PS50.00 free bet. This is not a common amount.

This example will use simple maths. You will need to place a qualifying PS50.00 bet in order to get the PS50.00 bet. You can place the same bet on any betting exchange to ensure that you don’t lose money.

First, I would place my qualifying wager. To do this, I will back England to beat Australia in cricket at odds of 2.50 (Even Money). I therefore place PS50.00 with the bookmaker to win another PS50.00.

I lay England on the betting platform for PS50.00 at Even Money (or as close as I can to Even money), so I don’t lose my qualifying wager of PS50.00.

England will likely be laid at slightly more than 2.00 (Even money), as it is not common for them to be the same. But it won’t be excessive, it could be around 2.04 or 2.06, which would be slightly less than my PS50.00.

My qualifying bet will give me around PS48.00 to PS49.00, which means it has cost me between PS1.00 and PS2.00. It doesn’t bother me too much as I will get it back using my free bet.

Then I wait for the next match to begin and use my PS50.00 Free Bet to again back England at 2.30 (Even Money) to win PS50.00.

However, this time I laid England on the betting exchange for PS25.00. This is half of the free bet amount. This ensures that I always get PS25.00 regardless of what happens.

This guarantees you a profit. This guarantees me a profit of PS25.00 if England wins. If I lose to the betting exchange, I will win PS50.00.

My free bet will not be refunded if England loses. However, I get PS25.00 from the betting exchange because my lay bet on England was for PS25.00. (Remember earlier, when I wrote a lay it was a bet on a team not winning). As you can see, no matter what happens, you always win.

This guide is only a general overview of how this trading method (or betting as some might call it) works. With the odds that I used, it is much easier to calculate the amount of money required on each side of the equation. It is much more difficult to solve the equations when dealing with different odds.

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