Mobile Online Casino Singapore with PlayTech Software

Mobile Online Casino Singapore with PlayTech Software

Similar to Microgaming’s, PlayTech is an online casino software supplier. They rank second to Microgaming in terms both of reputation and the number of online casino sites they offer. It was valued at 1 billion dollars, which speaks to its trust and high reputation. There aren’t many mobile casinos that use PlayTech software as of yet, according to what I found on the internet. However, this company is known for its active development and that is why I believe their number will rise sooner than expected. The PlayTech software is currently used by three mobile casinos: Golden Palace Mobile Casino, Tropez Mobile Casino and XXL Club Casino.

XXL Club Casino is the most supported Online Casino Singapore. Another pleasant aspect is the pop-up banner that promised a 10USD bonus for mobile casino players when I visited the online casino site. My bonus was granted within minutes, but I lost it as soon as I received it (betting on slots is 2USD per spin so this is not surprising). As I do with PlayTech casinos, after that I declined the bonuses, made a deposit, and began playing my favorite mobile casino games. Although it’s possible to make a deposit and register on the online casino website, I must say that this was not the case.

Results from mobile wagering:

I began playing black jack. As it is in Microgaming mobile casinos, the minimum stake is two dollars. I couldn’t resist playing with this stake. It was very interesting to see the results: 57 wins (! There were 57 gains (! ), 38 losses, and 5 pushes. This was a clear distortion in my favor and resulted in 33 USD gain. It is important to note that there were 3 losses and 8 wins, with the push deal at the middle. It was four blackjacks, which was in line with the norm. The results of doubling were not impressive. I won just two of seven deals (the chance of doubling your winnings is more than 50%). It is a mixed result. On one side, I have won a lot and on the other, I have won too many to test the casino. Doubles are also problematic. Perhaps it is compensation. ).


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